Leridis Printing Solutions has officialy and axclusively the rights for the Easy-Post™ brand.

Easy-Post™is a brilliant low-cost business present that ensures continuous end-user contact with the advertisers’ logo or messages.

At this point, it is important to note that this product is offered by our company exclusively for wholesale and that we partner with business gift and solutions companies.

You can order the Easy-Post™ quantity you wish, in pads with any number of sheets you choose (20, 25, 30, 50 etc.), in a range of shapes, with or without cover, in special cases or constructions, and you can also print on colored paper:

  1. White, Pastel Blue, Pastel Yellow and
  2. Νeon colors Yellow, Orange, Cyclamen, Green

The paper types offered are:

  1. PLAIN PAPER: bond paper 80gr
  2. SPECIAL SCENTED PAPER: bond paper 80gr in Pastel Blue, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Rose colors with strawberry, lemon, lavander and rose scents.
  3. RECYCLED PAPER : Recycled White, Sea Algae, Non Bleached.

Best regards,

Leridis Printing Solutions